maiagirl (maiagirl) wrote in dot_edu_snark,

You Don't Say!

What? You want us to evaluate our students' reading level and take that under consideration while lesson planning? Oh. My. God. That is the most revolutionary idea in the history of education! Why didn't any of us teachers think of that? Education will never be the same after today! Of course, it all makes perfect sense now, especially since we are all doing that already. We told you that. Your idea was duly noted as a good one and one already being used. No need to get all grumpy when we fail to bow down to your academic godliness. Oh, and next time you mutter "we, maybe I should just stick with P.E. stuff" under you breathe in a fit of passive-aggressive pique, I will retort with a "yes, maybe you should. After all we don't tell you the best way to throw the little red balls or critique your push up form." You are a P.E. teacher, abet one that is well loved and respected by all. For now.

No Love,

Ms. Maia
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