Livvy Love (livvylove) wrote in dot_edu_snark,
Livvy Love

First Post

English is by far my worst subject but even I could see this typo a mile away

Image hosted by

This school also prides themselves on their English department. I am a horrible speller but this is just wrong.
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I keep coming across titles of scientific publications with words misspelled. It makes me sad.

But I think my favorite has to be the reprint MacGinitie's seminal 1953 book on the fossil plants of Florissant, which spells his name on the cover as "MacGinite." If he weren't unfortunately deceased, I bet he'd be real upset.

I fear I'm so compulsive that I'd never get over a published thing of mine having a typo.
At my university, EVERY TIME the word African is spelled (even, sadly, on my transcript) they spell it Africian. It's terrible.