Bo (_boneflower_) wrote in dot_edu_snark,

I may not teach, but...

Dear fellow students,

I realize how hard it must be for you to comprehend that I am here to learn, seeing as how I'm likely the only person here who paid my tuition out of my own pocket. I'm not going to ask much from you, but I will remind you of something before we have any further interaction:

I am nobody's bitch, calendar, cheat sheet, study buddy, or reminder service. You want to know when the test is? Look on the goddamned syllabus. You want to know where the library is? It's a small campus. Look out the window, or maybe at a directory. You want to know, just this very morning, if we had anything due today? If I say 'yes', does your homework suddenly appear out of your ass or something?

I came here to learn. I get sick of you sitting there with your thumbs up your butts while I'm the only person responding to the teacher's questions - not like I don't sit in silence for thirty or forty seconds, every time, to see if one of you has something to say.

Maybe it's my own damned fault for trying to save money by taking some courses at a community college. But grow the fuck up. Just because I'm smart, that doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Very sincerely,
The only person in the front row
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