MC Dorks-A-Lot (mrfishes) wrote in dot_edu_snark,
MC Dorks-A-Lot

meow from the circulation desk

Do you have [insert book title here]?

Ya know, I'm not sure. I'll get the ass factory right on that, though.

(You've been at college *how* long and don't know how to use the catalog yet?)
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It's bad that my expectations of college students have lowered enough to make my first thought, "At least he knew the title".
... i dunno, it wasn't even among the books he eventually checked out. . .
Reminds me of when I used to work at the campus bookstore. We got that all the time, but except it was:
Do you have this book? I don't know the name or who its by, but it's a red book with black lettering for my history class.
They didn't even know what class it was for.

We also got priceless gems like:
student (standing next to a sign clearly marked "biology"): excuse me, do you know where the biology books are?

I swear I wanted to smack some of those people. . .
I work at the reserve desk for a campus library. There are a number of signs around, saying "Want a Reserve Book? We need two things--The Call Number and Your ID!" We get a lot of Do you have the book for [class name]? and Can I use my driver's licence? I can tell you my ID number. . . ! . . . which, I suppose, might work, if that were the actual system key. but it's not. (there's a barcode on the back of the card, which is unique to the card, and not tied to the student ID number.)