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Howdy, I'm Takhys and I'm in my last semester of an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Classical Studies. I knew I'd be busy this term and so I thought I'd take a nice, easy, second year distance ed course -- History of World Religions. Sounds good, doesn't it? So many things sound like good ideas, but when it comes down to reality, they're borked all to feck and back.

The names have been changed to protect the stupid. Now, let's review some of the introduction posts so that you can better understand the brilliant people I'm dealing with:
» Hi! My name is NippleDick and I am currently on a work term with a major bank. I am taking this course mainly because I am interested in learning about our various religions and hopefully using that knowledge to better understand why we can't all just get along. I have always been interested in this kind of stuff, but the conflict between Israel and Lebanon in the summer in particular got me into studying religious trends.
-- Yes, that's right. It's a shame that we all just can't get along and not a gross over-simplification.

» My name is DoucheLicker and i am in my final semester here at g. I took this course because I have always been interested in religion,especially Karl Marx's take on religion as the 'opiate of the masses'. Im looking forward to what I am sure will be some lively discussions in this conference.
-- Sweetie, this is a history of religion class, Marx and his ideas aren't exactly suited for the rise of Hinduism.

» So my name is DorkSac and I'm a fourth year math and drama student. I have a weird fascination with Buddism...hence my taking this class. I'm pretty excited about the material we are going to cover.

I can suffer through people posting random statistics that don't seem to have a basis in reality (e.g. In modern China and Japan there has been a phenomenal upswing in the popularity of Celtic-based Wicca.) and oversharing mothers, stubborn zealots ("All religion is evil."), and random asshattery ("I know my name is listed as Jim, but online I like to be called Ryu.") Okay, so they're a little slow and don't seem to realise that this is a university course and should be treated as such. That's fine. Whatever. It's their grades.

Then there's this one fellow who seems to be in every forum, answering all sorts of questions and channelling the spirit of William Shatner by having some sort of wild ellipses based orgy.
» If you have just signed into the course, the computer hasn't sorted you yet (sort of like the sorting hat in Harry Potter.....) though I would guess you will be put in group 8 ... so you can post there for now, ted

»You do need to make a brief mention of the others ..... for example, you could not tell someone that dogs are the greatest pets in the world,without acknowledging there are other types of pets, and why dogs seem better.....(even though they are....:)....)

I'm starting to get really frustrated with this guy, his entirely unhelpful answers and his atrocious grammar when I spot the following exchange.
» Hi Prof. Smith: Re the first essay, are we restricted to a religionfrom the first 2 or 3 units or can we chose any relgiion as our topic.
     »You can choose any religion ......ted

This idiot is my professor.
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