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I bet Mensa is knocking down your door.

The first day, and several days after when asked, I have put the proper file format in which to email me things on the board.
The file format is your first initial, your last name, UNDERSCORE,The class number, DASH, the class section number, UNDERSCORE, the assignment name.
This should all be in MS Word format, as I've said several times.
You are supposed to put the file name in the subject header of your email.

I put my name up as an example*: MDangergrrl_101-069_ResearchPaper.doc

This should be an easy process. I've gone over it so many times in class, and its written in the contract you signed the first day of class AND in the syllabus. Nevertheless, even the most bright of you mess this up at least once. It happens.

But there is something that makes my brain throb in pain and leads me to heavy drinking to sedate myself so I don't lose it in front of the class.

Why in the name all that is holy would you send me a file with MY name on it?

I mean REALLY!?!
How the hell did you get into college? What part of "this is an example" do you not understand? How the fuck do you even dress yourself in the morning when you can't even muster up enough synaptic response to type your own name?

Please, do us all a favor, drop out and do something that involves less human contact, like, bull semen collecting. At least then you could put your talent for completely jacking off to real use.

Yes, I know, more of a rant than a cat, but this place is rather slow and it is my community so NYAHHH.

*obviously not my real name.
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